Import Facebook Phone Numbers into Your Google Contacts

August 23, 2009

Android users with Facebook friends who list their phone number in their profiles will love this: Brad Fitzpatrick offers a Greasemonkey script that exports those phone numbers to AddressBookr and offers to add/merge them into your Google Contacts. Even though this was posted last November, I just gave it a test run and it worked like a charm. Thanks, Nick!

Us iPhone users who’ve hooked our contacts up to the Google hive mind also appreciate it.

Aug 23 09 at 5:52 pm

A great tool. Worked great like you said. I only wish that those that don’t use a phone number and instead use something dumb like “Just ask” or “Stalker?”.

But thanks for the tip.

Jacob Roeland [+3]
Aug 24 09 at 1:26 pm


These comments are off topic but I could not find any other way to post a comment but to comment on a posting.

1st, I assume you are aware that their seems to be a bit of a problem with the signup and login pages. In both I received the error message “The username field is empty”. Otherwise the pages worked fine, i.e. I was emailed my password and was able to login.

2nd, I have been listening to the TWIG podcasts. I find them quite interesting.

3rd, A TWIG Wishlist suggestion: Please put a plug in for a simple “Sort by Gmail message size (and attachment size also)”. It must be quite simple for Gmail to implement. If Google was truly customer focused they would have implemented this function years ago as it is a long-standing request in the Gmail forums. Perhaps you could develop an application to permit a sort and selective message delete.

Best wishes with Smarterware.


Sep 2 09 at 5:47 am

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