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    Although I enjoyed seeing the browser screenshots, I think this infographic is ultimately an example of style over substance.

    Worse, it’s positively misleading. If you just glance at it you develop the idea that somehow all web technologies have been leading up to Google Chrome, which then re-ignites the fires of innovation. With a little more consideration, you realise that the motions of the colourful wavy lines mean absolutely nothing.

    It’s not information, it’s marketing.

    I have a more detailed rant on my blog. I’m sad to see poor infographics are still producing so much undeserved positive PR on the web.

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    Robert Bigelow

    Excellent blog post, Foomandoonian! 🙂 The WEB has not become the vision we were daydreaming about while browsing this new “space” using Mosaic in X11 windows.

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