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    Yes, indeed, you can’t witness an event without affecting it, and sometimes reporters don’t do a great job of being “invisible.” It’s also unavoidable that some people will care more about looking like they’re having fun than about having fun. Certainly the knowledge that we’re being watched and that how we look and act is being scrutinized affects us. But all that has nothing to do with Facebook as such, but rather with how technology changes society.

    The invention of cars and sanitation allowed us to grow our cities to enormous proportions which also affected the way we act, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Ford and Bayer in particular are the reason people don’t socialize with their neighbours as much as they used to.

    He’s also saying that Facebook forces us to post stuff to it by being awesome to the point of being indispensable. To a point I agree with him on that.

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    We actually selected one photo for our wedding album specifically because it recorded the stony glare I was giving the photographer as he made an utter nuisance of himself as we attempted to cut the cake.

    He actually wanted us to *pose* with the knife edge on the cake. Stand there and make happy faces.

    The quote you presented above does a great job of defining the wide gap between my expectations and the photographer’s at that moment.

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    Robert Bigelow

    That’s just it, Pies. Facebook is making an utter nuisance out of itself by figuratively worming its way into our relationships with those we care about.

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