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    Why not plug the headset directly into the MacBook’s port(s) rather than the M-Audio MobilePre USB interface?

    I assume the M-Audio improves on something… what is that?

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    the macs bulletin audio will be using very cheap say $10 components. Having pro or semi pro outboard audio gives you much better sound reproduction and as its external you avoid a lot of noise.

    and not sure if Ginas interface does in but most proper audio interfaces will support phantom power to run mics like the heil that Leo uses

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    Robert Bigelow

    I like the Countryman design and it’s visual unobtrusiveness though I don’t know if I would care to use inexpensive “ear-bud” headphones.

    My personal favorite is the Plantronics Audio 655 USB Multimedia Headset from Amazon.com http://tx0.org/2kj though it’s big and bulky.

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    What desk do you use again? I know it’s a standing desk. Looking into getting one, tired of sitting all day.

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