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    Cool idea 🙂 I think Social Software and Open Source should switch places.

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    I like this a lot. It’s difficult when you have a lot of interests which ebb and flow.

    It’s difficult with a venn diagram to show intensity.

    Perhaps a portfolio diagram would be useful.
    I’m not sure what the axis would be.
    Interest vs Attention?

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    Cool way to see the connections between the several sides of self…

    Here’s my own go:


    I’ve also put it up on my blog:


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    Andy Piper

    Thanks for sharing, Gina – great idea and I’ve grabbed a copy of your example (not yet filled out though).

  5. 6

    Joshua Morgan

    I made one! This was a fun exercise, though it was hard to come up with categories that intersect very neatly.

    I’m a bit younger, so my current interests are definitely less career-oriented at the moment.

    Anybody else have one to share?

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    This is a great idea Gina. I did more of an alpha version (as opposed to your 1.0 version).

    At my blog

    At Picasa

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    David Casacuberta

    Dear Gina:

    Thanks for sharing this Venn Diagram. It has been very helpful for me to decide my line of work.

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