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    Great post, Gina. I miss you on Lifehacker. But this is exactly why I listen to TWIG. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show – I disagree with you on the GOOG Father’s Day blooper, hope it is discussed.

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    I love TWiG! I never really thought about things like cultural impacts before, but it came into my radar while watching you, Leo, and Jeff. I haven’t had as much chance to watch ever since college started, but it used to be my weekly routine to make macaroni and cheese in the middle of the night and watch TWiG live (I was in Thailand back then, GMT+7). Hope you have a great 100th episode!

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    Having ready you before I saw you, it was your presence that initially attracted me to TWIG. That and my Google-intrigue.

    It’s been just as rewarding consuming episodes of TWiG as it has to make them. It surpasses every show on TWIT, quite possibly because of the larger, philosophical debates that take place on the show. There’s room for everything on the network, but TWIG debates morality, politics and all that’s wrapped up in that.

    To me, the online world will govern the future. And, companies like Google are setting the policies which the world will abide by. Having Jeff discuss privacy issues and the like, makes it the only place to find these meaningful discussions taking place.

    Here’s hoping the quality continues at a high level for many years to come.

    Congrats and thanks.

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    Karl Hakkarainen

    TWiG is my must-listen podcast. (Because of scheduling conflicts, I’m rarely able to watch the live show.)
    My biggest challenge is that I often listen to the podcast while driving. I need to make notes of the quips and great insights from you, Jeff, Leo, and guests. Let’s just say that driving a standard while writing notes is a task best left to a Massachusetts driver.
    Your recent comment about geeks needing to understand the kind of power they have and to own up to the responsibility that comes with it puts a whole new light on the “Is X-company evil?” discussions. Is it worse to have power and wield it intentionally for bad purposes or to have power and naively believe that you don’t have that power?

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    Jeremiah Hargenrader

    Thanks for the reminder! I haven’t been watching it all the last couple of weeks, but now I’m going to have to try very hard to actually tune in live today!

    Love you guys! Watching TWiG, I know there is going to be an interesting discussion.

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    Robert Bigelow

    Indeed, more so than “tips and tricks,” it’s the critical thinking part for which I enjoy TWiG the most.

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    Andy Piper

    Hi Gina, I’ve been a listener since the beginning of the show (only an occasional live viewer – I consume most of my podcasts in the car). I’ve always appreciated your input on the show. Thanks for this post too – I particularly like the idea of “playing up” as self-improvement.

    Thank you for making the time to be part of TWiG.

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    Joshua Banker

    Thank you for being a part of TWIG. I was hired at my current job in the 90s to work on print ads. Over the last 10 years many things have changed and I am now the web/social media guy. TWIG has been a very valuable tool to help educate me on what is new with Google and the cloud and your Tips have been very helpful since our company now uses Google Apps. Thank You!

    Also I may be a Tea Party Conservative but I love hearing yours, Leo’s, and Jeff’s political views. Very thought provoking and very respectful. Thanks again. 🙂

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    Eric Booth

    One of my 4 favorite shows on TWIT. Listened to and seen every episode at least once. Such a great dynamic between the three of them. Looking forward to a crap ton more episodes.

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    I love you Gina.

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    Nathaniel Offer

    Great post Gina and congratulations on reaching the 100 episode mark. I’ve been watching every episode since I discovered TWiG late last year. It’s geeky but you have a laugh at the same time and I think that’s what makes it such a great show.

    Keep up the great work.

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    Francine Hardaway

    I have probably listened to every episode of TWIG. You need to be more self-confident; you are a valued and valuable part of the show, because you are the only true technologist:-) And the only woman. My advice to you, just among us girls, is to think more highly of yourself. That’s what holds women back; we always think we’re chopped liver next to men:-) Keep going; I love TWIG

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    Troy Malone

    You do a great job Gina. I kind of like you not speaking up as much as the other hosts because when you do it makes it all the more exciting 🙂 Seriously, you are an amazing technologist and conversationalist. It’s been great reading your posts and listing to your show. Here’s to the next two years!

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