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    Updated mine yesterday. Loving it!

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    Finally, the Nexus one gets the respect it deserves.

    I just need to remember why I wanted Gingerbread, besides the cool power off animation… 🙂

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    Isn’t it awesome?

    I saw the news of the update file come in over RSS yesterday morning and installed before even sitting down to my morning coffee. Initial thoughts:

    * Coolest animation ever on display sleep
    * WiFi has stayed connected all day, no more random drops
    * When I launch the photo gallery app, it actually starts! Every time!
    * If I’m using Listen (to listen to TWIG, obiously), the headset button now actually plays/pauses the audio, instead of randomly launching the Music app
    * Google Voice disappeared, although the market was convinced I had it intstalled; checked again later in the day and I was able to re-install it, everything seems to work fine

    I’m not too sure yet about the new keyboard — I liked the 2.2 keyboard and its hold-press-for-options-then-tap rather than 2.3’s hold-press-then-swipe way of doing things.

    Also, small notification icons are small.

    Otherwise, it’s like I have a brand new phone. Google did nice work.

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    Awesome. This is why I love my Nexus One! Downloaded on phone, transferred on phone to SD root with free file explorer, rebooted with a couple of buttons held… five minutes later I’m rocking Gingerbread which most other phones are going to be waiting another 6 months for.

    Glad to see faithful N1 owners haven’t been left out in the cold (I was starting to worry for a couple of months there).

    The new text selection and keyboard are awesome by the way.

    I’ve had it installed for half an hour now and it hasn’t rebooted once!

    Thanks for breaking this news to me Gina.

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    Is it just me, or does Gingerbread keep flushing Google Voice? I’ve had to reinstall it three times already.

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    Seth Fulton

    I’ve been running Gingerbread on my N1 via the Cyanogen mod release candidates for a month or so, curious to know how the stock rom compares.

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