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    Is there another way to donate my $2? I thin the program is worth it (even without the auto updates from the Market) as I use my apps account on my HTC Desire I have no associated Google Checkout.

    How can I pay you for this, Gina?

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    Gina Trapani

    Ah, good question! For years I’ve been meaning to set up some sort of donations mechanism. Will let you know when I do–and thank you for asking. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I went out and bought your app, out of appreciation of all your work on the twit network and also for I do like the idea. I’ve been using Google Tasks for my simple task management and overall it works fine.

    However, the idea of being able to add new tasks off my shell access and have it sync up in Dropbox is a fantastic idea, coupled with the Android app could solve a lot of my requirements.

    One of the first few feature requests that I’d love to see in the Android app are :

    1) being able to schedule alerts for tasks
    2) being able to see the first few import tasks in a widget.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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    I don’t think people who mind spending $2 will be swayed by automatic updates ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that the $2 buys you a very nice application from a dedicated and inventive developer, plus free upgrades to any future versions.

    If you’d rather buy a small coffee to keep you awake while you update manually, good luck finding a free app of same quality.

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    Ken Kennedy

    This is really pretty awesome, Gina. I’ve been watching your tour, and the app looks more and more like something I’d use. I’m also really looking forward to checking out the github project as well as the app itself. I think it’s VERY cool that you’re releasing the app free on github; I think that’s a great strategy. Heading off to buy it on the Market now! *grin* Thanks again.

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    I’ve become quite dependent on my Google Tasks setup and I’m not sure that I can easily change away from it now. However, come payday I plan to buy your app for 2 reasons. The first is I like to support Android devs… and the second, you made BSG references in your preview pictures on the market.

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    I just got the market version. I use GTasks on my phone for time sensitive tasks, but after hearing you talk about your CLI todo.txt project on TWiG (and this app) I figured that I’d give it a try. I’m a diehard Dropbox fan (was a beta user) and I see the value in using plaintext for storing things.

    I’m going to use this app to keep track of some of my “someday” tasks and I’ll see how it goes. I’m optimistic about it becoming my go-to app.

    The app looks great and I hope it does well for you in the market.

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    I’m sure I’m not the first one to figure this out, but I put the todo.txt file in the Notational Velocity folder in Dropbox and now it shows up in NV, and I can edit it on my desktop in NV and it syncs back.
    I add most of my tasks at my desk. When I’m mobile, I use simplenote to dump ideas and thought and things I hear on podcasts out of my head. But now my tasks are in todo.txt.

    workflow refined

    BTW, I switched to a standing desk too

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    2 things:
    1st I signed in with Facebook Connect, and lost access to your site, till I logged out of facebook. Something is wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2nd I love the tool you made, but I don’t use your CLI Todo – just a plain ole text doc. One thing though I wanted to know for use non-terminal users, is there an easy way to mark things as done? or to put in categories? Anything we can do in a plain text doc to organize?

    I love the android snyc, and will use it anyways, and happy to have paid the 2$ or 1.78รขโ€šยฌ’s ๐Ÿ™‚ just would like to know if there is any “best use” for those with a touch less “geek” in us.


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    Steve Holden

    One suggestion for desktop Mac text editor – TextWrangler is recommended. It does pick up the automatic update from a Dropbox save event if there is a phone task update. The built-in Apple TextEdit does not seem to do this and that has caused some data sync issues for my wife.

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    Eric Booth

    Thanks for this. Nice and clean and so uncomplicated. Plus it integrates with my favorite other program, Dropbox

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    Eric Booth

    Gina, You really need a way to share these great nuggets of wisdom to the rest of the world. IE: Facebook and Twitter. I can’t seem to find the share button anywhere.

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    The .2 update that just came in is great. Much easier to add notes now, and pretty!

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    Geert Hoekzema

    Tnx for the app, I installed it a couple of days ago and i really like it!

    I’m a designer and i’d like to think / help you with the graphics / interaction design (if needed).

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    What a concept! I love your solution.

    One tangle for me. The CR/LF is not preserved except to designate a new record. I often have a todo list with the first line being the subject or main ‘heading’ of the note, with ‘bits’ of that note delineated by separate lines.

    ie: grocery store:

    each on a separate line – makes it easier to read and edit later.

    Could the records be broken by CR/LF as they are, but allow a LF-only to break the individual lines of the record?

    Thanks Gina – love those ‘simple’ solutions.

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    Can you please correct the email address in the apps market “send email”, it points to todotxt@yahoogroups.com and doesn’t get delivered

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    Purchased the app a couple days ago and love the DropBox integration. Also have the CLI running on the Mac.

    I would add my voice to any suggestion to create a Google Widget for the app as well.

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