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    Thanks for this, giving it a try right now 😀

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    Have you tried the Emacs Org Mode? I heard about it on Floss Weekly. It has all kinds of features like a todo list, notebook, project planning, excel style tables, iphone app, dropbox support and it saves in plain text!

    If you use emacs it seems like a great tool, but I like the simplicity of your app. Looking forward to trying it out.

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    I don’t seem to be able to get this to work on my Incredible. Adding a task either in my dropbox or on my phone doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m just left with “No tasks to display.”

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    I just set it up and I am loving the speed and easy of use it gives in maintaining a ToDo list. I noticed you can assign a task to multiple Projects by typing them in the the + sign, is there (or will there be) any way to select multiple Projects from the Project menu? Thanks for the great app, I look forward to using it and seeing it grow!

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    Awsome. I love simple solutions like this. It works great! Keep up the good work!

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    Kevin Purdy

    Note that if you install the Dropbox app on your Android, you’ll also get the ability to make a shortcut to the Dropbox folder that this app creates (“todo” by default).

    That’s handy for creating a home screen shortcut to your todo.txt file–for reading *and* editing, whether you’re online or off.

    1) Install the Dropbox app. Open it up, sign in, then click to view the todo folder. Press the Home button to exit the app.

    2) Long-press on a blank spot on your Android home screen, choose Shortcut, then pick “Dropbox folder.” Your last-opened Dropbox folder–todo–will show, and you can click “Choose folder.”

    3) Whenever you click that Dropbox shortcut, you’ll see your todo.txt file. Click on that file, and select Drobox’s build-in file editor, or any other text-editing app on your Android, to edit your to-do list manually. Save your file when you’re done, and Dropbox will upload the file right back to your account–or queue it up for uploading, if you’re offline at the moment.

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    Interesting app. I’ve been using Google Tasks for a while to simplify my tasks list. But with the introduction of my iPad into my workflow its been a little hard to find a good interface. Plus the web version just sucks.

    With your app I can just edit the text file on the iPad and computer and use the Android app on the go. Will try porting all my Google Tasks and give it a month try. Thanks for your effort.

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    Congratulations, Gina!

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    Michael Olsen

    With all the Battlestar Galactica references, how could you not install!

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    Frigging genius!!!

    Now does anyone know of a desktop client? I would love to be a part of a small group to work on a Linux client

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    Gina Trapani

    Thanks everyone!

    @DoorToDoorGeek: The desktop client is your favorite text editor. 🙂

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    @Gina Trapani

    My friends need a gui with pretty colors, let me see if I can throw something together with glade

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    Gina, that’s super; many thanks.

    Of course, success begets ingratitude in others, so, “to gild refined gold, to paint the lily”: when you can, and have time, would you care to add “Allow move to SDCard@Todo.txt-Touch”?

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