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    I’m afraid *all* geo-location services give me a cause to pause. It’s probably just me being paranoid about privacy and I’ll have to get over that.

    McAfee is predicting geo-location services to be a new major gateway or vector for malicious intrusions and exploits in the coming year. http://tx0.org/19m

    I hope you’re having a good holiday season. Happy New Year! Robert.

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    I’m sorry, Gina.. 😮 I currently live and work in a post-industrial, petrochemical appalachia were people feigning acceptance and tolerance want to meet with me privately to talk about my “gay lifestyle and agenda.” Uh-huh I have a reason to be *very* private.

    When I lived in West Village you could map me to Chelsea, The Cloisters, any number of museums and libraries, a decent bagel shop, Magnolia Bakery around the corner from my tiny warren on W. Bank St. or otherwise helping myself to a serving of Gnocchi or Tortellini.

    Happy New Year! 🙂

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