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    A terminal wish SSH makes the Cr-48 with Chrome OS a possibility for me as I spend nearly 2/3 of my time tunneling into a Hewlett-Packard Alpha or Opteron running NetBSD via SSH on port 443.

    These include a modern build of Lynx with SSL support, so I might try to login to Smarterware with that and see if it’ll exchange cookies and tokens with your blog.

    Happy Friday, Ms. G. 🙂

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    Gina, I’ve applied for the Google Chrome Notebook pilot program.

    As a library g33k, I’d share my experiences and insights gained from using the device with our librarians and public services personnel so they may better assist patrons who are using similar devices. I’ve already taught numerous individuals how to email item records, holdings and call numbers to their smart phones and devices. I use my own iPod Touch as an electronic “index card” when tracing materials in our humongous library building.

    As a command line junkie, oh better you know it I’ll be logged in to a remote Unix system via SSH and to satisfy my craving for cat, grep, sed and awk. 🙂

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