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    Google eBooks keeps giving me a Not Found message is eBooks only compatible with Gingerbread?

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    Michael C Gorman

    I agree about compilation. I work primarily as a web developer, so I’ve been hoping to find an SSH-style webapp for direct server administration (like Webmin, but more CLI-oriented). If there is one, that could be a good way to deal with the compilation issue, too.

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    I look forward to your tip tonight when I listen to you, Leo and Jeff during TWIG on Google Listen using my Droid Incredible!

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    There isn’t a web-based Eclipse, but a few months ago the Bespin web-based text editor was hooked up to a headless Eclipse server so you could run compiles on a remote machine and have the results sent back to your browser. Not compiling *in* the browser, but interaction with compile process via the browser

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