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    James Enloe

    Now that’s a slick idea (that I wish I had thought of on my own). I especially like it for RSS feeds, which I have pretty organized, but there are those that I don’t like to miss and a VIP list would prevent that when my feeds blow up.

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    I actually have several twitter accounts for this reason. I have one that is for people that I personally know (my main account), and one for following public figures and sites and the like. With Tweetie, it is very easy to switch accounts.

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    Craig Sauer

    I’ve been using this for a while in Google Reader for my RSS feeds, and it has really made a big difference. I still have an issue with feeds that are super-prolific (like Lifehacker). I have a desire to read every post, but it’s not really possible. I’ve given up trying to read everything in feeds like Engadget, but I have a few filters set up via Yahoo! Pipes that help me reduce a few fat feeds down to more manageable chucks.

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    My Twitter desktop client of choice, Mixero, is designed entirely around the concept of an active list. Adding to or removing those you follow from a list is a snap. You can create as many groups of users you want and as many lists you want and add/remove groups from lists. Were it not for Mixero, I don’t know how I’d be able to easily manage following more than a couple dozen people.

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