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    Toby Gialluca

    This is so true. Keeping an open skype chat session among everyone throughout the day is great for keeping up relationships without being too distracting. Gina, what’s that cool headset you’re using???
    Here’s a little plug on topic: checkout http://www.Peerdrum.com – it lets your boss look over your shoulder from anywhere, but lets you shut her out whenever you want.

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    Doug Blunt

    great stuff Gina . I work for a company that is located on the Tex/Mex border. Believe or not we still use Net Meeting and way too many conference calls. Our problem is that our bandwidth inside our intranet can barely support Net Meeting let alone something like Skype.

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    Regarding Google TV and website identification:

    The Flash api has routines to return info about the machine on which it is running.

    Ie, a flash applet can simply ask “what is your OS” and if its “Google TV” it can refuse to play ball – making user agents irrelevant.

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