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    Nicely done. Good production values. The graphics are top notch. Who did the graphics and editing?

    Keep linking to the videos here and I’ll watch them. But I’m not going to the Fast Company web site to look for them. You may have seen my comment on your latest post there, I don’t like their site design.

    I’ve been running into similar designs in a few places and it’s annoying. I’ve decided to draw the line at these big roll-over pop-ups and bad comment systems. Why can’t they do something like what you’ve got here? I had no problem signing up and commenting.



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    One trick I learned from another consulting developer was to create a VM for each development project/client. You can base them off a snapshot with a standard toolset install. These can be small, as you only include what you need to be functional on the project. When traveling, you can copy the VM from a workstation to a laptop, and back again when you return home. Keep project specific artifacts in the VM, including client specific email, IM, productivity, and other required accounts. Keep your personal productivity tools in the host OSs, and sync them as usual. When you’ve completed the project, clean up and archive the VM for when you work for that client again.

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