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    I’ve been using Twitter … barley … for many months. I started out with a bunch of automate follows based on some keywords that interested me and now follow 411 and have 183 followers.

    But I never saw a single tweet in that stream that was of the slightest interest to me. So then I set up some lists and added only people who’s blogs I read every day or who’s podcasts I can’t live without.

    Still nothing of interest.

    I added completeandroid to one of the lists and it pushed everything else on that list right off the bottom. I did discover that the book can be read on-line for free, so I think that’s the first useful thing I’ve seen on Twitter.

    I think the problem for me is that it take too much effort to look at it. I look at the first page of the main feed. Then I look at the first page of each of my four lists. The interface just isn’t user friendly enough for me. I wish it looked more like Google Reader, which is where I spend most of my on-line surfing time.

    I really prefer a well written article with a few pictures. Not too long and not too short.

    So I never could have tweeted this comment. In a 140 characters or less I would say, “Twitter sucks, at least for me!”



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    Daryl Hunt

    I will be able to comment more when my account has the new interface am looking forward to using it.

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