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    Thursday Bram

    I’ve been trying to switch up how I sit / stand at my desk every few hours. I’ve got two different ergonomic chairs and a jury-rigged standing desk (laptop + kitchen island + box). I do like the idea of the treadmill desk, but I’d really like to try it out before I completely rearrange my office trying to fit it in.

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    I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a stationary bike at my desk and using it to generate electricity while I work. It might be a little more difficult to set up at a desk, but the savings on my energy bill would be nice.

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    Isn’t that why Leo sets on that big rubber ball? It takes some core muscles to keep your balance.
    I like the treadmill idea but would want to be able to switch back to sitting easily.

    In the olden-days professional drafting departments had drafting boards that could switch from sitting to standing with the flick of a lever and pulling the spring balanced board up or down. I just found one, but I’m sure the price is astronomical (I found the price on one, $3450):

    Another idea I’ve seen is to have your desk at standing height and then use a stool when you want to sit.

    Here’s a post by Jamis at 37 Signals about switching to stand-up. The comments are good too:

    I may have to think about doing this myself.



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    Roger Tessier

    Looks great, but is that HAL’s eye I see on the left?

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    Gina, sorry for off-topic. Is JavaScript which open a full-size picture when clicking on a thumbnail a part of WordPress platform? It’s pretty neat.

    “isn’t that why Leo sets on that big rubber ball?”

    Rob, BTW you can buy it here http://goo.gl/Rt01 (I did)

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    Hi Gina,

    I would be interested to know if you have any advice based on your experience over the last month with this type of set up.

    I am considering a similar treadmill desk and work long hours on a computer.

    What have you found to be the best way to use a mouse and keyboard? Is it easy enough to use a laptop and integrated laptop tracker pad, or would I need an external keyboard and mouse?



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    Marcus Nogueira

    If the IKEA Jerker is discontinued do you have a recommended alternative for someone in the market for a customizable desk like that?

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    scary but one of the smartest ways that I can think of to get geeks in shape…

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