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    I got the magic when it came out in the UK. Still stuck on 1.6, and I’m furious with vodafone’s apparent complete lack of interest in updating it further (or even letting us know whether they intend to do so).

    I really think that Google need to work with the handset manufacturers and sort the release roadmap out so that when you get an android phone you can be sure that it will get all updates for the life of the contract.

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    Just listened to TWiG 49 – the comments on Google being able to install / remove apps remotely was quite funny, because they demonstrated this at Google IO.

    Remember the demo where the guy searched for an app on a separate computer, selected one of his android devices from a list, and then had it install automatically? Thats remote install, and obviously there would be s corresponding uninstall option.

    That Google would perform a remote uninstall without asking you is another matter entirely though…

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    Stede Bonnett

    Apparently the end of the week means 5pm on Saturday. It’s installing now, and I swear I’m always the last to get these updates.

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    I got it after 2 days of onwing one. I was almost about to buy a iphone4, but then went to Nq from iphone 3GS. I started documenting my feelings on comparison in my blog between iphone and nexus one/iOS/android

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    Froyo has landed. The notification was on my phone when I woke up this morning. Nice surprise for the 4th (esp with the fireworks-esque graphics during install 🙂

    First impression – feels snappier. I need to figure out tethering and mess around with it a bit.

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    Thejesh GN

    Got it yesterday.
    PS: India

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    Arthur Hyams

    Got It traveling France Love the little green people 2.2 works very good

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    Touchscreen problems after updating.

    I had the first release of Froyo on my N1 for a few months (installed it manually the week of Google IO in May). Installed the official release this weekend (via the over the air update).

    My touch screen has become very problematic after the update (stops registering touches frequently, and has touch alignment issues as well). Anyone else have similar problems? I am able to recover easily (by cycling the power button), but it is really annoying.

    The touch screen had problems with the initial software on the phone, but was much better with the initial unofficial Froyo release. Now the latest update looks to have messed it up again.

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    Royi Benyossef

    Hello mwolfson ,
    i have encountered this exact issue in a game app that i am building and i know it’s this because i have a dev device which has donut still installed on it and there my app runs smoothly and with no problem.

    really pisses me off!
    is there a solution you can think of?

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    Bob Downs

    I’m still using my meager but mighty G1. Despite news to the contrary (over the past… oh, year or so), it’s still running OS v.1.6. “System updates” says “Your system is currently up to date.”


    Any word? (I mean; even if the “word” is “Nope! G1 is never getting anything other than 1.6.”?)

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