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    Hi Gina,

    Google wave certainly isn’t dead. But for me to recommend it to my friends group (most of them non-techy) Wave must get faster. Even in Chrome, it takes a while to get things up and running and this turns people off and they dont even get started. It is even worse in Firefox. I am hoping dearly that future releases of Chrome/Firefox will make running wave faster than what it is today. That said, I am so glad to see wave being put to great use, thanks to people like you 🙂


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    So let me see if I got it all straight…

    I’ve made the Wave and added my GoogleGroup’s address plus Made it Public. I made the Public access Read-only…

    I have the Wave embedded on my site…

    So, folks on my site can watch the Wave and folks in my GoogleGroup can go to the Wave and edit it, right?

    That last question is important–I’ll restate it: My GoogleGroup members can use the address of the Wave and freely edit the Wave, Right?

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    Gina Trapani

    @amzolt: Yup, that should do it.

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    Follow-on question:

    How does Wave know that a member of my Google Group has access?

    I added the GoogleGroup address but how does the Wave app know someone is in the GoogleGroup??

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