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    Ian C. Anderson

    I may help with the Android project, Gina! I’m currently working on a beer-brewing helper Android app.
    Design recipes, calculate beer qualities, track batches, etc.
    Learning a lot in the process!

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    I’d be interested in helping out with the Android application. I have a little bit of experience developing for Android, but I’ve been looking for a project to really dive into it this summer when I’ll have a lot of free time.

    Also, in lieu of a full Android application, you could port the script using the Android Scripting Environment. While it probably wouldn’t have the Dropbox syncing (although it may be possible), you could still have a todo.txt file on your phone’s SD card.

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    Nathaniel Kabal

    ZOMG, Android/DropboxAPI integration would be incredible. Adding it to the watch list.

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    I was planning an app-based off of Todo.txt for Android and Blackberry, life has been keeping me from it though. I was going to use a service that will sync with Android, hoping someone from Dropbox sees this soon, and allow the user to specify the txt file’s location. Lastly, I thought about syncing the file with an internal DB to speed things up and to make it easier to integrate with a web app in the future.

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    Todo.py works in ASE, btw. I don’t remember making any changes but had a few issues with todo.sh

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    Android app would rock!

    I’m available to help.

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