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    Marcus Olofsson

    Hi Gina!

    Google redesigned the calendar recently.
    I don’t like it, so I started to search for add-ons to change the calendar layout manually.

    I find your Firefox add-on “Better Gcal” but it seams that it doesn´t work.

    What I am searching for is some way to get the main issues of the old design back, or at least get the lines with the date to have an darker colour then the new, which I think is to much white. (This is what I think is “the main problem”.)

    If you could help me with creating in add-on “something like this” I would be very greatful

    kind regards Marcus
    (mullemarcus ((at)) gmail dot com)

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    Is it possible for you to simultaneously develop & release better… extensions for Chrome concurrently with Firefox?

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