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    Warren Harrison

    Agreed. I pre-ordered and then canceled after the “reality distortion” wore off. I very recently switched my iPhone for a Nexus One, and I just don’t want to get back into another “sealed” device.

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    This is exactly the same reason I’m not buying one yet. I think it will be a nice device but I’m waiting to see a couple of other options. Notably the Adam and Courier.

  3. 3

    Jeff Messer

    Same thoughts here, exactly, except replace Kindle with Nook, and I just sold my iPod Touch yesterday. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it on TWiG!

  4. 4


    I actually like the iPad for what it is – a big PDA. I’m still carrying around my Palm Tx because it’s my instant-on reference.

    Netbooks that you have to take time to open and wait to come out of stand-by aren’t the same as a “push a button see a screen” device.

    However, I think it’s about 30% over-priced. But, then, I think that about all Apple products.

  5. 5


    Good for you. It helps to wait a bit if you want one at all. At least you can read the various reviews and find out if you really want one. I have my netbook sitting idle as well. I actually rather use my Laptop or Blackberry 🙂

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    I saw one in the wild today already. Like a lot of celebrities, it was smaller in person than I’d imagined. Not my cup of tea.

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    Daniel Brenden

    Considering that This “magic” Device gets a firmware update during fall, i’d buy it and try it out. But consider the 3G-version as it has GPS-hardware built in. Would be PERFECT for TomTom and Navigon. The screen is big and long lasting battery.

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