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    A friend of mine wrote a nifty Wave “to do list” gadget, which has definitely been a welcome addition to my Wave repertoire. He blogged about it here:


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    “most Wavers use it as a real-time wiki, but some take advantage of features unique to Wave, like inline and private replies, public tags, and gadgets.”

    That’s what I thought when I started to try Google Wave. However, I got many problems in composition. For instance, sometimes I cannot re-edit my previous wave/message:
    * it kept updating for a while and wouldn’t allow me to select “Edit this message” or
    * cannot add a map of location or move the just-added map to other place in the message or
    * cannot add link (the dialog box opens and immediately close by itself)
    * cannot add search results from “G+” (again the window closes immediately)
    * cannot add gadget

    I just have so many problems in writing in Google Wave that I now just abandon it. Sometimes it got messed up while I was typing and then it asked me to report what’s wrong. I did that several times but the bug is still there.

    I even suspected that all the troubles I had came from NoScript add-on. I disabled NoScript but that didn’t help either.

    I’m sorry about the long comment. I felt very frustrated in using Google Wave.

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