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    Ever tried Google’s Todo list in combination with the Tasks extension in Google Chrome? It has nested tasks ability and even seperate lists if you want to. When you have the extension you can “extend to canvas” and it becomes a nice tab with extra features.

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    Gina Trapani

    If I used a web-based task manager, most likely it would be Remember the Milk–but Gmail Tasks are pretty great too. (Especially that you can turn a message into a task.)

    But, at this point, I’ve gotten so used to using todo.txt, I probably won’t ever switch. It’s awesome having 4 years of completed work in my done.txt file, which I can grep at any time to look back. But also not so awesome when I want to check my list on the go. To each her/his own, I say.

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    Tim Weston

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m a newbie to Unix and todo.txt, so could you share how you aliased t pv?

    I have todo.sh aliased to t (per the todo.txt online documentation), but I’m not sure what to do for t pv.


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    Gina Trapani

    @Tim: I should’ve worded that differently–I simply renamed the projectview file pv. So simple
    mv projectview pv
    will do. 🙂

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    Tim Weston

    Gotcha–that worked like a charm.


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    I just moved to Android via the Nexus One from over three years of iPhone.

    I want to start moving toward a to-do list / GTD sort of approach and wondered how you integrate this system on Android (if at all)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yonathan Zarkovian

    I was wondering, Gina, if you’re a GTDer or not. Because, if you are a GTDer, how do you implement GTD in that Todo.txt file?

    Any how do you access and edit it on your mobile device?

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    Yonathan Zarkovian

    And how…*

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    Matt Salacain

    Hi Gina, I wanted to thank you for posting not only the project view piece, but the text based todo script. I’d been struggling with a way to manage my todo list on the computer, and this (now in practice since you posted it), seems to be the best possible way.

    I had checked out things and omnifocus, but the steep price tag and iffy sync with the iphone put me off.

    I’ve got the todo shell scripts integrated with geektool on my mac, so it updates on my desktop nice and cleanly, and set up a context view after editing the projectview script. Works wonderfully. I try to work by context, as it keeps me better focused.

    Sadly the iphone notes are impossible to manipulate (its a database, not flat files), so I’ve set up a read-only reference for my phone by setting up a cron job on my mac that emails my gmail (skips the inbox to a todo folder), so I have a very current copy of my todo on the go.

    Anyone have any better solutions for syncing text files on the iphone?

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    For others wondering about aliasing “t pv”, besides the above you can always use:

    “ln -s projectview pv”

    to create a symbolic link, allowing you to use either “t projectview” or “t pv”

    I’m really enjoying todo.txt cli, and projectview is a great addition!

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