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    I think these are all way off the mark. It’s purely a business decision.

    Google have been failing in China for some time and they want to get out. They’re spinning a failed business as a positive human rights / anti-censorship move.

    But if they really cared about censorship, they wouldn’t have been in China in the first place. At least not on Chinese government terms.

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    Kelly Abbott

    I’m not as skeptical @Dom. I have always held google in high esteem ever since they refused to release search data to the FBI after 9/11. They are protecting many of our consumer and privacy rights within the US and in the best sense possible promoting healthy dissemination of information globally. That’s not to say their reasons aren’t selfish. They are. But in this case, they’re mutually beneficial to the rest of us. What’s good for google is good for free-thinking society. You could even say google thrives because of a free-thinking society and, as such, may not have any business to do in China. Though I share your cyncism re: the business of PR, I see that as a necessary evil as well. You gotta put spin out there or someone else will do it for you.

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