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    Gina, you think it’s feasible that Google Docs can now be used for online backup purposes?

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    Gina Trapani

    Sure, you could use it for first-resort backup, like you’d use a thumb drive, but for hardcore backup, no. I need my backups to happen automatically, so I use Time Machine/Mozy to do that.

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    Brian Lawlor

    Gina, an accessibility/usability issue with the style you rely on for links. They are complimentary to your design, I get that, but terribly difficult to read not only because they are too light but also especially difficult for anyone with green color deficits in their vision, which is not at all uncommon. Just an observation. I thoroughly enjoy reading your stuff but finds the links difficult in that regard.

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    Lee Bartelme

    I don’t understand why Google hasn’t made Docs better. I love computing in the cloud, but MS Live Workspace just makes more sense because Docs just can’t compare with MS Office, as much as it hurts me to say that.

    I’ve been looking around, but do they have any plans to make the app better?

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