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    Chris Munton

    You might need to amend the numbers of Apps for the Pre. It currently as of 1/5/10 has over 1000 apps. Every day they are adding between 5 and 30 new apps.

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    Everywhere I’ve seen the plan for the Nexus One it’s 500 minutes and not 1000. Maybe the 500 plan is $79.99 and $10 more gets you a solid 1000.

    Both of which seem like bad deals considering the rates on this page. I’m okay with the fact that there’s nothing revolutionary going on with the pricing (as some would hope), but being charged MORE than the standard amount?!? That does not compute.

    One could argue that people using this phone are going to use more data than the average consumer, but that starts sounding more like a board meeting at Verizon or Comcast rather than something Google would put its name on.

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    JD: The plans you linked to are only available to T-Mobile customers with unsubsidized phones. T-Mobile changed their plan rate structure last month(I think). Everyone bringing an unsubed phone to use on T-Mobile basically gets $20 off the unlimited text/data plans. If you buy any subsidized phone from T-Mobile you’ll be paying more for the same service.

    So you can get the plan prices on that page, but you’ll have to pay the full price for the Nexus.

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    Russell McLean

    Have the AT&T plans changed? This chart shows 5GB of data in the unlimited option for AT&T. I thought it was really unlimited data usage.

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    Andy Hilal

    I don’t think the pricing shown here is very helpful without the entry-level plans shown. I’m certainly not paying any $109 per month for my iPhone. I still consider the $80-90 I am paying to be a lot, and I’d love to see an Android phone that could significantly beat that. Instead here we see a comparison of the Cadillac plans, and some nebulous concept of “average” plans. A ton of sites picked up this graphic and ran it, many with the headline “Nexus One Thousands Cheaper Than iPhone” and I just think that’s plain misleading.

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    A couple of updates on the Palm Pre this week.

    According to Palm keynote at CES, they now have over a thousand apps and the forthcoming 1.4 software update will allow for video recording and editing. They also showed off some compelling looking 3D games and announced that their developer program is now more fully baked and open to everyone.

    There’s also a Pre Plus that is coming to Verizon January 25th with expanded 16gb of storage and 512mb of RAM (double the original Pre), price hasn’t been announced yet.

    As far as multitasking goes, I think Palm’s “card” UI solution is by far the most elegant. Hope that if/when Apple enables it on the iPhone they go with something similar, it’s not too far off from their browser tab UI in Mobile Safari, just needs to be system-wide.

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