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    Hey Gina, it should be a fun day trip. I worked on a LA class boat for a month, and I had a lot of fun. Not sure if I could take 6 months of it, though. Just take a couple of deep breaths before you get in, you’ll be fine!

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    Facebook User

    Have a wonderful time! I’m officially jealous!

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    Christopher Wetmore

    Do remember to close the door behind you.

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    Bill Blanchard

    You are in for a great experience. This is usually only done for family/friends. Don’t be nervous it will be fun. It is 300ft long so don’t worry about claustrophobia. Your only spending 1 day at sea I once spent 76 days under water, so quit complaining. Just ask questions and learn from the guys. I spent 3yrs on a Submarine in my youth and enjoyed the travel and the guys. Few pointers:
    1. You will “stink” for awhile. The boat always smells weird.
    2. Angles/Dangles- Just hang on because it is weird to think this huge boat can do it.
    3.Emergency Blow- Better ride than anything at Magic Mountain.
    4. EAB’s- Enjoy breathing in this thing. I once had a fire on the boat, under the ice and had to breathe in one of these for 18hrs, before we could find a place to break through and vent the boat…That was fun…Just breathe
    5. If you get a chance to “steer” the boat, do it, it’s fun. Don’t worry you won’t hit anything.
    For your “hippie side” I hope you come away proud of your Country for designing a machine as complicated as this. Without strength you can’t have peace.
    Understand it takes a “special breed” to serve on a Submarine. These guys go through tests, training and evaluations for over 2yrs to find out if they are capable of serving on a boat.
    For your “Geek-side” learn about how the boat systems work and how complicated a machine it really is.
    See how much these guys have to learn AND remember to earn their “Dolphins”. Hardest and proudest thing I have ever done.
    I hope you come away from this trip proud of your Country and these guys. These guys are all volunteers for this job, it’s not easy.
    So enjoy, take lots of pictures and give us a great story to read. If you have questions/concerns DM me on Twitter and we can talk…Have Fun!! (@lateamster)

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