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I'm a geek with a love for all things tech. I'm also an online business consultant with expertise in SEO, SMM, and digital marketing strategies.

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    Just downloaded the ebook, and am very excited for it.

    I completely agree with you about your getting things done vs. making things happen distinction–I think of it as “did I push the needle forward.” Sure there are a zillion things to do, but many of them are just a matter of stasis. They’re a way to passively live life.

    The reason why I go with this metaphor (the needle) is because making things happen isn’t necessarily the goal; for me, making things happen may not be pushing the needle forward…or (to mix the metaphor) it might not be journeying further along the critical path.

    Every day I fight both battles:
    * Making sure my To-Do’s aren’t just keeping me in a position of stasis
    * Making sure that I’m doing something on my critical path, that I’m pushing the needle forward

    Why does it have to be so difficult sometimes? 🙂 Now onto the book and your article!

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    I love this project.

    I love your generosity in contributing to it (and I love your very sweet and honest contribution itself).

    What I love the most, though, is that you took the time to read through it all and carefully select and share the other contributions that really moved you. They moved me, too.

    And now, because it is time, back to work.

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    Will there ever be a way to buy a physical copy of this book? I’d like to give it as a gift to someone who’s not to into e-reading.

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    I have not completely read this e-book yet, but I am working my way through it. I also have a todo list which is large enough that it can keep me from pushing forward. I try to break my activities down into 2 groups. 1 group is critical must do’s and the other group is the, “I need to do this stuff to increase my success” I believe that if you are just performing buys work from your todo list you will never get further ahead than you are now.

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    Gina, your page was the only one that brought me up short and made me look at what I’m doing. Many thanks.

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    Ask me how much I hate that horrible scribd site. On the other hand, maybe you shouldn’t.

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    What license is it under? All rights reserved?

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    Simran Jindal

    Thanks for sharing. It’s a fantastic read.

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