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    I do something similar to this, but I use 4 sub-folders. Anything I’m CC’d on, goes to CC’d. Change management requests go to Change Req’s. Anything that requires an action on my part goes to Follow Up. Last, but not least, if it has to do with something I need to wait on someone else, then it goes to the Hold folder. Otherwise, it’s in my Inbox. This may not be the most efficient method, but it seems to be working for me so far.

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    I have a hard time automatically putting “somewhat important” messages into another folder. Turns out there’s almost always something in those emails someone wants me to see ASAP, and other people don’t always view CC in the same way I do. And for people who don’t have as much inbox discipline, I think it teaches bad habits (it’s just another thing to ignore).

    It also makes it much more of a pain to catch-up in the “gaps” with a smartphone – constantly switching folders to see your entire inbox.

    I wrote up some of my Outlook tips and tricks here for anyone interested:


    As a Microsoft employee who gets hundreds of non-spam messages/day, I know we need them 🙂

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