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    Joost Schuur

    Any recommendations for a USB drive that’s a reasonable middle ground between fast and affordable? I was reading a tutorial the other day about creating a Mac OS boot partition on a flash drive, and they mentioned boot times would be noticeably slower.

    OCZ Rally2 Turbo and Lexar JumpDrive Lightning drives seem to have a reputation of being very fast, but are priced accordingly.

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    Gina Trapani

    I ran it from a pretty dinky drive that was a giveaway at a conference, and it was still MUCH faster/stable than the VM image, but I haven’t benched different drives.

    But dang, if you get what you pay for, that Lexar MUST be fast. The 1GB model is $20, not TOO bad.

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    I created the bootable USB using Hexxeh’s tool (thanks Hexxeh) and was able to boot with no issues at all. It loaded very quickly.

    One thing I noticed about network connectivity: my SSID at home is hidden and I did not find an option to enter a hidden SSID once I booted up. Have I missed an option somewhere?

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