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  1. 1

    Mike McCrary

    I wonder if you email the note to Evernote if it would let you search your text.

  2. 2

    Gina Trapani

    Yup, it does! Great suggestion. Gonna add this to the post.

  3. 3

    artful dodger

    i cant get the evernote search bit to work unfortunately, even if i write “sugar” extremely neatly. Maybe this only works in the Upgrade version?

    Brilliant app though, i will use it daily. Pity about the somewhat ugly app icon though…

  4. 4

    Lukas Neville

    This would be useful if it automatically scrolled along as your writing got closer to the right margin. Having to hit a button to advance your position is clunky.

  5. 5


    Umm, I know he invented the Electronic spreadsheet and all, but this looks like a total rip off of FastFinga, and app I’ve used for many months. Even the screen shots are similar if you look on the AppStore, and the icons at the bottom of the screen are of the same design…

    What the?

    Someone needs to do some digging.

  6. 7


    I read your reference to VisiCalc.. I remember using that many many years ago too. My goodness where has the time gone?…

    Thanks for this nice little app. I appreciate the work involved in getting this out there.

    Rod 🙂

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