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    Isn’t that kinda like an offer for a free one-way ticket to Easter Island?

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    Err… this seems a real case of “product in search of a need.”

    I use Zoho (quite adore it, actually) but see no reason to back up my data FROM there.. online’s more likely to be a potential backup for files on my desktop (were Mozy/Dropbox/G.ho.st not already doin’ that).

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    I bet no one at Smarterware actually uses this.

    DEAL: I’ll archive all your Gmail for the next 12 months. In return, I ask for…nothing. Or, five bucks, or something.


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    Robert Cooper

    I’ve tried backupify – it does the job, but as Gina says getting the data back in the event of a loss would be a nightmare.. and that renders it pretty pointless.

    The worst example is the gmail backup – all the emails are stored in one very long (not sortable, not searchable) list of .eml files?!

    I really want to be automatically backing up my cloud data – but I feel backupify is in the very early stages at the moment. Too much so.

    Does anyone know any other companies?

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