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    Thanks for this! I was glad to find out that this results in a two-way sync.

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    ummm i think your wrong about not being able to sync secondary calendars. if you go the the delegates tab you will see all your secondary ones and turn them on

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    You actually can use secondary calendars. Just go to the account in the accounts tab of iCal preferences (iCal -> Preferences -> Accounts) and click on the Delegation tab. Then check off any additional calendars that you want!

  4. 4

    Gina Trapani

    Yes, I was wrong about secondary calendars, they ARE supported. I’ve updated the post and will make a note in next week’s episode. Thanks everyone, and apologies!

  5. 5

    Joe Jameson

    Just don’t expect to be able to create and edit events in iCal. My changes stick only about 1 out of 5 tries. I open the event in iCal, click Edit, make changes, Click Done and watch the event revert back to the server version.

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    Joe Jameson

    My bad. I had left a Google Calendar browser window open. Once I closed the browser window my changes started to stick. Seems like a bug to me.

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    Password authentication keeps failing on my Google Apps account – anyone else have this problem?

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    Justin Cardinal

    If you have an existing setup with iCal and Google Calendar using CalDAV, is there any benefit to setting it up the new way?

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    Jill Howlin

    hi I am confused! I havent updated to Snow Leopard yet but this seems to be exactly what I had already done in iCal to sync my googleCal. Or did I do something more complicated and now I just dont remember? either way I ask the same question as Justin is there any benefit to setting up the new way??

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    @JOE its because your refresh rate is slow, just make it every minute and it will update faster….

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    Paul Jacobson

    I take it that this method only allows you to link to a single GCal set? I have one calendar on Google Apps and my others on Gmail and it would be helpful to use this method to keep all updated.

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    I found that the best way to sync the iPhone 3G to multiple Google Calendars is to use the Exchange Method (#4 in this link http://tinyurl.com/ncqcty). I also synced my Google contacts to the iPhone this way and it has been very smooth. Any newly subscribed subcalendars automatically appear on the http://m.google.com/sync page for addition to the iPhone. CalDAV is more laborious.

    What is NOT working, and Apple really needs to fix this, is the subscription to .ICS files method. When I add .ICS subscriptions to the iPhone, the device takes anywhere from 5-30 seconds to change pages. DON’T use this method right now!

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    Perfect timing on this tip! My wife just asked me to fix her iCal/GCal connection in Snow Leopard. This worked perfectly. Thanks Gina!

  14. 14

    Peter Kaizer

    Gina, do you know if there is a way to delegate my work exchange email to Google Calendar so I can send that info to my Google Cal account?

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    Matthew Dash

    This wasn’t what I thought it would do. I set up my 5 addtl calendars in Google thinking that my calendar app on my iphone would have categories again, but nope, it still has that one list of calendars. I might as well go back to MM since the iphone cal app hasn’t changed. That’s the most important thing to me. Being able to look at my boss’s calendars in one view, my kid’s in another, mine in aonther, etc- and then being able to see all together.
    Please let me know if I’m missing something here, but I might as well get my money out of MM.

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    Vince Medlock

    This seems to work only for calendars created in Google. I can’t sync existing iCal calendars. Or am I missing something?

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