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    Running Windows on a netbook? What a waste of the already-low hardware resources… get Ubuntu Netbook Remix from Canonical! It automatically has a window manage installed that maximizes available real estate.

    By the way, Gina, if you read this, I’ve been trying to get a message to Leo about his comments on TWiG that you can’t sync an iPhone with Google calendars/contacts… you can!

    Also, regarding your TWiG comment about subscribing to authenticated feeds in Reader… check out http://freemyfeed.com

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    Naaaa, the UBR is awful. Even a four year old doesn’t need icons that big to navigate a computer. And don’t get me started on Moblin

    Check out eeebuntu; it’s optimized for the eee (I’ve got it on my 701 and it’s terrific) and has a really solid group developing for it/modifying the kernel/etc.

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    UNR was interesting, but needed a bit of hacking on my old Eee900 (not the Atom version). I just installed Easy Peasy 1.5 this afternoon (based on Ubuntu 9.04), and everything worked out of the box. It’s certainly the best netbook OS I’ve ever used.

    Easy Peasy is a descendant of Ubuntu Eee (not eeebuntu).

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