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    Jan Ole Peek

    Oh how many times I’ve wished I could just give up on IE… I’ve started giving up on IE6, don’t even bother testing anymore. IE8 does a fine job with most the CSS stuff I do, but IE7 still doesn’t behave and I frequently need to create a bit of CSS just to get it back in line. I understand their frustration fully.

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    With Google dumping on IE, I hope it emboldens other companies to do the same. It used to be the biggest issue was IE was incompatibility with web standards. Now application performance is becoming increasingly important. Its time for the internet to dump IE.

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    Jörg Reinhardt

    this is sooooo cool, because it also means, you can actually USE HTML5 from this day on, without even thinking about Internet Exploder! You just send the dau’s to get the plugin, they are used to it, because of silverlight and flash.

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    Romeo-Adrian Cioaba

    Google Chrome IE Update has been released! This should help IE users to make the switch even faster!


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    Microsoft IE should just be put out of its misery.

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    Nathan Schock

    I can’t remember the last time I used IE. That people actually still use it is a testament to the power of default settings.

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    Chris Hollander

    “my webapp is too advanced to run in your browser” is one way of putting it.

    “we’re going to illegally leverage our marketshare in search, web-based email, and mobile phones in an attempt to take over browser market share ” is another way of putting it.

    imagine the reaction if the situation was reversed, and Microsoft was releasing a new, boil-the-ocean, revolutionary new platform for apps, and then told everyone that they were going to exclude over half the population.

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    Robert Siekmann

    On a side note:
    Where’s Opera?

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