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    All good, but my favorite review was Andy Ihnatko’s.

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    Jacob Roeland

    That’s pretty amazing at the speed difference between the two.

    I also love the fact that they have Crest toothpaste in the video. Makes me wanna go brush my teeth. 😉

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    One very subtle but immensely useful update is the automatic language recognition in the spell- and grammar checker. Well it is when you live in a country like Luxembourg where any respectable business person speaks and writes at least 2 languages on a daily basis (German, French, Luxembourgish or English).

    In the pre-SL days you constantly had to manually switch the language settings in your editors. Now, just type a few words in one of the supported languages and… Bob’s your uncle. Yes it is that simple and that cool!

    Just one thing though… Luxembourgish is missing from the supported languages. But we can live with that, as no one really sure how to spell certain words in that language.

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