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    Romana Challans

    Windows 7 is an improvement. As an avid Linux user, (and fellow Google addict*), Windows has long been a bit of a joke to me. That place I am forced into for certain games, or MYOB. Win7 makes that experience – tolerable.

    Of course, it is no delightfully comfortable Linux environment (ahh, drop down terminals ftw!)…

    So, in short, my rating – adequate. Windows 7 – the adequate operating system:)

    * loved TWIG…

  2. 2

    Ted Avery

    I feel there is more to it than that, but obviously it’s a debate that rages on across the internet. All I know is the Windows 7 RC has been enough for me to switch back to making the PC my main computer. I liked OSX for the speed and performance, and Windows 7 now has that, and even sports the dock-like taskbar too. I’m ready to stick with it full time.

  3. 3

    The DataRat

    What’s wrong with me ? Got Vista on two of three
    PC’s and ~love~ it !

    Win7 seems like Vista II. So it (Vista) had some
    problems the first year. Everybody knows you wait
    a year after an OS comes out to upgrade to it.

    Have had less systemic problems with Vista than XP.

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