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    Ernesto Miquel

    This new script looks really useful. However, I don’t think i’ll be using it, because with filters and multiple inboxes, my real inbox is kept really clean already.
    I would use it if it worked on the additional inboxes, though.

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    I closed the summary pane and can no longer open it again. On checking Winston Teo’s site, it seems there was a bug in the Firefox extension which has caused this problem. While he has updated his Greasemonkey script to fix this bug, the Better GMail 2 extension needs to be fixed.

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    Excellent tip. Two questions:

    1) I noticed a ‘+’ sign in your labels. Is this an add-on to nest labels and sublabels? If yes, can you share the name?

    2) What do you use for offline GMail backup? There is http://www.gmail-backup.com, but they don’t backup labels and they seem to have stopped maintenance.


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    Gina Trapani

    @Andre: re: the + sign, that’s Folders4Gmail in Better Gmail 2.

    As for offline backup, I POP my email to my local computer once or twice a month.

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    Andi Darmawan

    I just install this add-on, but I don’t see that option in general tab.
    Is there anything I should do?

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