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    Louis Zampini

    Do you know if using Gmail’s Mail Fetcher to POP3 your Hotmail account keeps it active? If I view the history, it checks my Hotmail every hour. It never gets anything, but does that keep it active?

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    Ted Avery

    Wow. Thanks for the tip, seriously! I have recovered my Gmail account once using Hotmail when my password unexpectedly was changed somehow, but I’ve just been lucky as I clear out the occasional e-mail every month or two. I’ll definitely be switching over that secondary e-mail setting.

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    Christopher Yeong

    Does using hotmail account as MSN ID count as keeping the hotmail account active?

    I have a hotmail account I use primarily for IM, I just about never access the mail though.

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    Alternately you may use digsby and add all your web acounts in it.

    This way you log every day with every mail account and you prevent the problem from arising.

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    Gmail provides an option to execute password recovery using text messages to your cellphone. However, it isn’t clear whether this is an OR or an AND with the secondary email address. I’ll give it a try soon and see how it works.

    If you use your cellphone, it should be a bit safer than a secondary email account, and if it’s not, you know it’s someone with access to your phone (unless you can access your text messages over the web).

    This is a very difficult problem, as the recovery mechanism should be more secure than the standard logon process.

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    You would also have the same problem with your own domain if you forget to renew it.

    Giving your email address in so many sites creates a problem if you lose it. I think it’s best to not have a lot of secondary addresses.

    Another idea might be to have a cron job that keeps polling your email so your account doesn’t become inactive. Once a week would probably suffice.

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