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    Miguel Wickert- Pineiro


    Yeah, that’s a nice new little feature. I’ve got an Android related question for you. Have you considered creating a widget for your site? Mippin and android and me both put out solid widgets for Android. Don’t know if you’ve seen them yet? But they’re not to shabby. Thanks for shaving the video.


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    I don’t have this on my Gmail yet. Is there a setting to “only show labels with unread”, or do you have to hide/show everything manually? Only showing unread would be fantastic, since labels are pretty much just filter-based alternate inboxes for me.

    By the way, it looks like signing in here with OpenID means I don’t get to choose an icon in my profile settings. Maybe it’s because I’m using my blogspot URL as an OpenID and they don’t provide an icon?

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    I also don’t have this yet for one of my accounts. For another I do. They must be rolling things out incrementally.

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    Looks like this has rolled out to my account…and I can’t just discount the idea that I might just be playing the ‘change is bad’ card…but honestly, I think I prefer how Folders4Gmail works with labels. I checked over at arendvr.com, they acknowledge F4G is broken and said to check back in a couple days.

    I’m the same way with bookmarks, I’ll continuously obsess over organization and nesting everything in logical categories and sub-categories, and that’s carried over to Gmail.

    That’s my happy place. 🙂

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    Well, I got it… no “always show labels with unread” (which, given how it works, would be better than “only”) like I would have liked. Everybody ask them for it! 🙂

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    J Wood

    I wonder if fewer people were asking Google for subfolders because more people were using Folders4Gmail or Better Gmail.

    I used subfolders specifically to keep my labels/interface uncluttered. Their attempt to keep the interface clean and simple has nearly tripled the number of labels I get to see on my screen now.

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    Ernesto Miquel

    Where’s “all mail”? It’s gone now!!! At least the “G, A” shortcut still works, but I can’t believe they removed “all mail”.

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    Jason Krellner

    On the Folders4Gmail website (in Userscripts.org), the author says he is going to publish an update that fixes this issue.

  9. 9


    One less reader. ttfn, smarterware.

  10. 10


    Would be testing this feature for the interface of the Wave? Is coming!


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    “He also said that user requests for subfolders have declined over time, which means users are getting more comfortable and having their needs fulfilled with straight-up labels.”

    Of course not. Users found Folders4Gmail and have given up on the corporate conglomorate from fixing it. We found the fix ourselves. If F4G never came out the would now be flooded with requests. Silly beancounters don’t realize this.

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