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    Elijah van der Giessen

    Dominic Ali has, and will always be, my hero.

  2. 2


    Sounds like a nightmare to me, talk about unapproachable bosses – I think next time I’m approached with a problem at work I’ll just pin down and tickle whoever needs my input until they wet them selves.

    I could see this totally destroying the moral of anyone with two left feet (myself included) but I find myself unable to damn it completely due to my love of Earth, Wind, Fire and Theft.

  3. 3


    The first that came to mind was the scene from “The Secret of My Success”. where the management team is jogging on top of the building…

  4. 4


    Can you imagine a bunch of software engineers bouncing around? Talk about awkward. : )

  5. 5

    Andy Bird

    fortunately in the UK we have a ‘dignity at work’ law to prevent this kind of insanity.

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