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    I worked once in home with logmein, between my desktop computer and my laptop.

    Logmein only needs to be installed in one machine, and then you access to it, with the browser in any OS.

    Work also with skype I think it’s fine.


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    Manuel Diaz

    Sounds cool, love the idea of using Skype like this. It could help avoiding the undesirable effects of working from home (lazyness, the “I can do that later on, after watching the game on TV” syndrome) by bringing home the usual office peer-pressure. I wouldn’t mind trying this one out.

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    I think that you just gave yourself a new project:

    “For more on VNC, see my (somewhat dated) tutorial.”

    Nahhh, your probably too busy anyways. (never a bad thing)
    Thanks 🙂

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    Jonathon Wilson

    Thanks for highlighting the comment 🙂 It does work well, and I’d be happy to answer questions if people have them.

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