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I'm a geek with a love for all things tech. I'm also an online business consultant with expertise in SEO, SMM, and digital marketing strategies.

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    Gina, instead of or in addition to a lump of links to external blog entries, you might consider feeding these to a sideblog and/or splicing them into a main “all things Gina” RSS feed. I’ve done both on my main blog via a combination of Yahoo! Pipes and Feedburner. I display headlines and/or summaries to three other blogs in the sidebar using Feedburner’s BuzzBoost feature, each grouped separately, and all entries are spliced into my main feed and tagged to denote their origin.

    One of those blogs is shared, so I use a filter in Pipes to only show the entries I authored. Only problem is my entries can get bumped off that feed, but that just gives me incentive to post on a regular basis. 🙂

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