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    I also really enjoyed this profile and blogged about it on my public speaking advice blog, sarahgershman.blogspot.com.
    I would be interested to hear your thoughts.


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    I have a question about the management of time.

    How do I put into practice?

    If I choose to have 30% of the time for learning, I use this time to once or split it during the day?

    I do not know about.

    PS. Sorry for my poor English.

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    Thanks very much for the summary and reference to the article. Very inspiring. I liked Good To Great, I like the fact that Collins is a climber, and now… he tracks his time like I. I personaly use gtimelog, more convenient than 3 stopwatches IMO.

    Since it seems you don’t like being called a guru, I tried «Madame GTD & lifehacks» in my link to your post in French – I hope you like that better. 😉 (let me know if not, I’ll just remove that…)

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    Andrea Aresca

    Thanks you for this very interesting post.
    Can you suggest a software or any other method to track your time?

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    Ravi Raman

    Great article! I wonder how he arrived at those magical percentage targets.

    Also, I am amazed at how he could keep the “other” category to only 20%!!!!

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