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    That’s pretty amazing. And, for the reasons you mentioned. It’s fascinating how the form factor of a tool (and thus the preconceived notions surrounding it) impacts when and why we choose to use it. Once upon a time that just meant taking laptops when you wouldn’t carry around a 20-lb PC, but with an ever wider array of devices we have lots of choices for whatever purpose we’re attempting.

    For me, I find the form factors of cameras to be particularly relevant. With an SLR and a giant 70-200 telephoto, people know I’m serious about my shooting, but I also can’t capture a candid shot in public the same way. It’s not always harder (sometimes you get the “he must be a professional look”), but with a cell phone camera or a tiny point and shoot, things change…since you can easily snag a shot.

    I wonder what other creativity is impacted by our ever-shrinking devices.

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    Of course it’s true that a tool will not get you results if you don’t know how to use it, despite what the companies that make and market tools of all kinds often say. : )

    I always flinch when I come across casual references like this to Ken Rockwell, though. He’s sort of notoriously unreliable…not that he’s always wrong, but you need a pretty reliable BS meter to read his site.

    I mention this because I’ve seen a lot of folks wind up buying gear that’s totally unsuited to their needs, or not buying something rather essential, because they were inordinately swayed by some crazy thing Rockwell says.

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