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    I’m excited about all the fun stuff Gmail is adding.

    But now many people are planning to or MAKING a complete transition to Gmail, it’s a bad time to break the basic stuff.

    * I have not been able to check my spam messages for false positives over the past 24 hours. The counter has clocked up “59” but when I click on it, it says “hoorray, no spam here”.

    * The right hand side bar (right-hand labels, right-hand chat) has exploded to take up half of the screen. Tried disabling and re-enabling, but no success.

    * The keyboard shortcut Ctr+Shift+arrow right/left, which I use ALL THE TIME (to select entire words), has suddenly changed to ‘opening a new window’. You can imagine my fury.

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    Martin Brook

    I’m a bit concerned that the post on Lifehacker doesn’t mention the security risks of downloading and installing gmail filters. Obviously these filters should be safe, but you always need to check the content of the file first before uploading it to gmail. A careless user could easily be tricked into setting up a filter to forward all their email to bad guys…

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    thanks for the filters, it works for me! 🙂

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