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    I’ve been using this for awhile. The single reason why is because of spam filtering. No amount of tweaking I did with SpamAssassin came close to what I was seeing on my Gmail account, so I outsourced my email to Google.

    …That said, I’m wary of Google’s encroachment on all areas of my online life, and I may revert back to self-hosted mail again in the near future (fronted by Roundcube, for what it’s worth).

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    Ted Avery

    Good summary! I don’t know if it matters much at this point, but you should know that although you censored out the domain name in most spots in your screenshot, lifehacker.com shows up all over the URLs under the “Service Settings”

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    I’m loving for my domains, personal domain then my side projects. Been using it ever since I read about it over at lifehacker, haven’t had too much trouble with it, only had a short downtime once or twice, no biggie.

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    I recently did this and its been great. It was a snap to set up and totally worth it. $10 for domain name registration and everything is free through the magic of Google.

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    I have wanted to do this for some time, but have been stymied by the method.

    I have a domain registered at one place, hosting at another, and would like to ditch my current host for Google apps. But here is the thing: Google needs the CNAME and MX records for web and mail routing to them from the registrar. But my registrar insists that the only information they “host” is the DNS, and that these records are provided by my host. That suggests that I need to pay for a host and a domain name on top of Google apps.

    Can anyone explain where CNAME and MX records sit, and how to get them?

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    My domain name registration is through GoDaddy.com and my CNAME and MX records are stored with them.

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    Biggest disadvantage I find is the lack of decent identity management, and by that I mean if I have multiple domains pointed at the one Google Apps account (eg domain1.com is primary, but also have aliases for domain2.com, domain3.com etc) when choosing the “From” address for an email it still reveals domain1.com with that “on behalf of” crap in the headers.

    It means I can’t keep the primary domain private and use the secondary domains for my various sites and domains properly. A real pain.

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