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    Does Cygwin have any significant advantages over powershell?

    I should probably get to know Cygwin even if it doesn’t, just to get familiar with the way things are done in a linux’y environment. My geek cred is sorely lacking in this area.

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    I use Cygwin or the packaged on Mac Terminal with my todo.sh script. At first there was an error with the todo.sh 1.7 and Mac’s Terminal that involved -e’s appearing in my list results, but now with 2.0, it is entirely fixed. I like to run the Perl script on a nearby machine and use iChat or any other AIM client.

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    This looks fantastic, but I’m running into trouble getting it working.

    I don’t keep anything in /home/tbramble/ unless it’s a directory or a .hidden file, so I have todo.sh and todo.cfg under a directory I use for executables not installed by the package manager, /home/tbramble/Bin/(todo/, in this case).

    Therefore my alias looks like:
    alias t=’~/Bin/todo/todo.sh -d “/home/tbramble/Bin/todo/todo.cfg”‘

    However when I attempt to add an item, I get:
    “Fatal error: Cannot read configuration file”

    tbramble@wayfarer:~/Bin/todo$ ls -lh
    total 24K
    -rwxr—– 1 tbramble tbramble 904 2009-02-20 10:10 todo.cfg
    -rwxr—– 1 tbramble tbramble 19K 2009-02-20 10:29 todo.sh


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    Gina Trapani

    Trevor I screwed up the -d parameter in 2.0–try 2.0.1 which has the fix. So sorry.

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    Working splendidly now. Thanks, Gina!

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    Vijay Dharap

    On a side note.. Looking at the screenshot, it appears that you use windows command prompt for cygwin. You might want to switch to rxvt than to windows command prompt.. Its feels so refreshing to work inside the RXVT terminal than the grumpy command prompt of windows.

    The simple change is outlined here: http://blasphemousbits.wordpress.com/2007/02/12/rxvt-solves-many-cygwin-woes/

    Hope you enjoy the switch as much I did.

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    This script has an error. When you delete items, their lines don’t go away. Look!

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    Lou Leal

    I’m having a problem with this on a Mac:

    XXXXXXX:~ lleal$ todoapp/todo.sh add foobar
    Fatal Error: ~/Documents/todo is not a directory

    The folder exists and I even gave gave it full read-write permissions, any ideas?

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