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    Bill Turner

    I think it’s been at least 6 or 7 years since I build my own PC completely from scratch. It was always a proud accomplishment when it was finally put together and working, but sometimes I would lose my cool when trying to figure out which jumper on the motherboard needed to go where. Luckily, I think the motherboards are much easier to work with these days.

    I still think about putting another one together in order to play games that I really don’t have the chance to play on my Macbook Pro.

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    In my case, it has been a long time scratching hands inside tower cases, dealing with little screws and plugs. I think about 10 years or so, with a 486DXII with math co-processor! 🙂

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    Gina Trapani

    “sometimes I would lose my cool when trying to figure out which jumper on the motherboard needed to go where.”

    Heh, “lose my cool” is the perfect way to put this. I lost mine a few times in the process!

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    Chad Stephen Albert

    I just built my first PC in January. It’s getting harder I think, to get a better deal by building rather than buying off the shelf. Desktop prices are dropping fast. The biggest advantage remaining is the ability to upgrade parts at differing intervals.

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    My new motherboard will be here in a week, I’m looking forward to playing around with the CPU, Main reason I upgraded was because I needed more Sata ports. This one has 8, should be enough.

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    The last time I built a desktop, I spent days researching every part. I wanted a silent computer. I spent extra optimizing every part.

    While I was waiting for the parts Dell has a amazing deal on a Dimension computer ($230 or so), so I ordered it for a family member. After building the silent desktop, I noticed that the dell was just as silent at a fraction of the cost.

    That was the last computer I’ve built (and last desktop I had).

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    I build my own desktops for one reason: control. I can decide on all the parameters. As the RUSH song says:

    “From the point of ignition
    To the final drive
    The point of a journey
    Is not to arrive”

    It’s all about the experience and the subsequent enrichment in your life.

    Great article Gina, as usual . . .

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